Meet the Founder!

Hello dear Minecraft and Game lovers, I am the CEO of the site and my name is Mert, I am fighting for my life in Turkey and I was born in 1999, I cannot give any other information about my personal life, my friends.

AlphaMC's Adventure

The opening date of this site dates back to October 2020, and unfortunately at the end of the 1.5-year journey, my former partner (who was my friend of 8 years) decided to list our website, which was minecraftalpha.com, and in good places over time, for sale, and he ignored my opinion, all the efforts I worked for the site, and did not even argue with me and ignored me and let me down when I could not keep up with my bills and rents.

While writing this message, the date is 11.02.2022 and I removed the domain name minecraftalpha.com from google and re-established this site (minecraftalpha.net).

There's no partner anymore! It's just me and our new writer friends, so hopefully one day you won't start a business with your best friend or even if you do, things will work out.

Thank you to everyone who took your valuable time and read my article...

And remember that imitations always glorify the original!