Top 3 Servers for Minecraft Elytra Racing

Top 3 Servers for Minecraft Elytra Racing

 The Minecraft minigame Elytra Racing has been around for a long and is still well-liked today. In Elytra Racing, participants fly their Elytra wings over tracks that other competitors have constructed. The winner is the first person to reach all the checkpoints and the finish line. Although this idea can be somewhat modified for Minecraft servers, this is the most common.

Top 3 Servers for Minecraft Elytra Racing
Top 3 Servers for Minecraft Elytra Racing

On paper, it appears to be straightforward enough, but there are some twists that make it interesting. The three best Minecraft Elytra racing servers available right now are listed below, so you can start your own races or join those that have already started.

Minecraft's Elytra Racing servers are a lot of fun

1- MoxMC

IP address: moxmc.net

It is simple to understand why the server is one of the most well-liked Elytra servers on Minecraft. MoxMC provides players with an excellent experience regardless of their skill level because to its enormous player population, vibrant community, and excellent modifications, plugins, terrain, etc.

They feature maps made specifically for enthusiasts of racing and speedrunning. Additionally, a number of unique plugins serve to enhance the overall gameplay experience. These plugins allow users to challenge others or even just compete against one another.

Many people like this server's vibrant community, which is always eager to assist new players with their races or respond to any queries they may have about what to do next to enhance their performance on the track.

It's also important to note the diversity of the maps, since there are already over 20 distinct types accessible (with more coming soon).


IP address: fly.llredux.xyz

You may play with other players on this PvP server and create your own village. Players may roleplay on this server, which also contains an economy system and an open-ended universe.

This game offers you the chance to earn virtual currency that enables you to purchase new products in the shop thanks to a special economic system where people may trade items for money. If there is a customer ready to pay, you may also sell products for more money than they are worth.

On this incredible Minecraft Elytra Racing Server, you can also find artistic features like custom mobs, custom blocks, adventure maps, and more.

3- ElytraMC

IP address: play.elytramc.com

This server is a wonderful location to train if you're an avid Elytra racer and have been playing the game for a while. When learning how to play the game, the kind, helpful, and accepting community is a huge benefit.

On ElytraMC, a wide range of courses are also offered. Some courses may put your abilities to the test by asking you to perform tasks that first may appear impossible, such evading lava while flying through a network of subterranean caverns. Other courses are more laid back and involve basic objectives like racing to the other end of an island from where it started.

It doesn't matter what sort of course you take; having fun on our server is guaranteed for everyone.

Tips and techniques for the Minecraft Elytra Racing server

1- When a firework is set off, the player will travel in the direction it is fired, allowing for nearly infinite flight. This is a practical means of transportation, but in order to use it across long distances, you would need to move a lot of pyrotechnics.

2- Elytras are only intended to be used for gliding, but because they can be made to fly endlessly, they may also be utilized as a makeshift jetpack. Players can push its flight by employing the well-known bow-boosting maneuver.

You may easily do this by shooting an arrow and immediately charging the target. Players need to be aware that a bow's punch enchantment affects how high it can fly. Due to the reduced resource requirement, this can be viewed as being superior to the use of fireworks.

3- Don't allow the fact that these servers can be somewhat competitive bother you. At the end of the day, this is simply a game, so bring your friends and have fun. These Minecraft servers are all incredibly welcoming and open to everyone.

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