Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers

Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers

 It's possible to play with people in Minecraft and there are a ton of different servers available. Each server enables users to play the core survivor game or a variety of minigames with other people!

Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers
Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers

Minecraft Land Claim Servers are an alternative for individuals who want to play with others but yet wish to keep griefers away from their creations. Players can claim territory and construct on it without worrying about outsiders encroaching.

Using the Land Claiming servers, people may securely construct in Minecraft

1- PurplePrison

(IP address: purpleprison.net)

Players can claim land on PurplePrison, construct buildings there, and then utilize it anyway they see fit. Additionally, PurplePrison's servers come with PvP security built in. This implies that if a person on their land claim server tries to assault another player, they will immediately get a WARNING notice.

In addition to being an OP jail where you may bet and engage in PVP, PurplePrison is a land claim server. PurplePrison is one of the top Minecraft Land Claim Servers available because of its exceptional virtually 24-hour uptime guarantee.

Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers
Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers

The server is substantial, has been running since 2014, and has a strong player and community base. It's also one of the most well-known Minecraft servers in the world, with more than 70k users on their Discord.

On this server, you have a lot more options than merely claiming land. Due to the large number of distinctive plugins on this server, like the blackmarket plugin, PvP, and dueling system, players frequently return to play there. This server genuinely has everything a player could possibly need to enjoy themselves while playing Minecraft.

2- FruitySMP

(IP address: play.fruitysmp.com)

FruitySMP is a survival server, therefore in order to survive, users must collect resources and make things. It's a fantastic location for people who desire to develop their property and construct their own homes.

You may always count on assistance from the staff if you need it because they are present on this server. There are also many plugins available that let you perform tasks like random teleport (for example).

Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers
Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers

It is possible to visit this server with Minecraft 1.19.2 at this time. For additional information on version compatibility, they advise you to visit their website or Discord server. Many Minecraft servers may enable users to utilize earlier or newer versions.

The creator of the most popular LGBTQ+ Minecraft server, Monjii, tried to find a place where his community could feel comfortable. Both the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft support it.

3- Advancius Network

(IP address: mc.advancius.net)

If you want to play on a server with plenty of land-claiming activity, try the Advancius Network. There are several different game types available, including Survival and Creative. Players may construct whatever they want in an auto-generated universe as well, it should be noted.

Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers
Top 3 Minecraft Claim Servers

Ask away if you have any questions regarding the server or how to utilize it effectively since the community is welcoming and supportive. Both their website and their Discord have all the information you need regarding this server.

Advancius is a fantastic minigame server with a ton of other things to do in addition to being a fantastic survival server. The minigames on this server are listed below:

  • Skyblock
  • Factions
  • Heroes
  • Prison
  • Boss Events
  • Parkour
  • Dropper
  • Hide and Seek
  • Party Games
  • Tower Defense
  • Duels
  • Village Defense
  • Challenges
  • Kit PvP
  • Murder Mystery
  • UHC
  • Build Battle
  • Maze
  • Survival Games

Minecraft Land Claim server tips and tricks

These pointers can help players claim land in Minecraft:

  • The ability to claim land is available through all of the aforementioned options, but each server has a different set of plugins, so you must research how to do it there. The majority of these have friendly players and a staff who are always available online to help you. If you're having trouble figuring it out, feel free to join the servers on Discord for quick assistance.
  • In some cases, the server may only display in the chat when you leave your claimed area, so make sure you have all the land you build on claimed. As a result, it's possible to unintentionally build outside of your claim. Everything will be fine if you exercise caution.
  • If you want to play on a server where you may claim territory and also raid claims in a variety of methods, faction servers are fantastic. On this kind of server, you create a faction with other players and try to raid bases by shooting other gang members or breaking into houses with a tnt cannon.

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