Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft

Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft

 The core of Minecraft servers is the economy. It's what makes them unique, and it's also what most people notice right away when they move to a new neighborhood. There are more factors to take into account when choosing a decent SMP server than just how many diamonds are in the virtual world or how many chickens are being raised.

Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft
Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft

In this article, three distinct solutions with excellent economies will be discussed along with how they function. They are excellent servers for any player who enjoys the idea of commerce.

Players can try the best Minecraft SMP servers in 2022 on those with a thriving economy


IP address: moxmc.net

A commendable Survival server with a fantastic economy is MoxMC. Since its launch in 2014, it has attracted a sizable following, with more than 70K users on its Discord server.

Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft
Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft

The MoxMC community is really kind and supportive. Its members are available to gamers for assistance with everything they require, from constructing to adding new plugins to their servers. They might also just talk to them and hear about their day at work or school. Additionally, they can offer suggestions on how to do things like add new players or guarantee that everyone is aware of the details of events.

With the option to set up stores and your own black market, the economics on this server is simply remarkable. Players may even exchange stocks on the server's own, player-owned stores and take part in a fully functional stock market, becoming the next Warren Buffet, only in Minecraft!

Players may use a variety of plugins in MoxMC to access their preferred game styles. Additionally, this server has some really great modifications that provide additional functionality. One of them enables users to access statistics from other users' virtual worlds through a web browser. Having said that, players can decide which features they want to use and additional features are not required.

Among MoxMC's incredible features are the following:

  • A map full of caves and dungeons to explore.
  • A staff team made up of friendly people who love helping out players in need. They will do everything they can to make sure everyone feels welcome on their server.
  • An economy where gamers can buy items from other players' inventories or craft them using recipes found throughout Minecraft worlds.

2- Sunny Survival

IP address: bms.sunnysurvival.com

Players that wish to experience the game with an economy might choose Sunny Survival. It is simple to sign up for and has many tempting features. The single gaming option available on the server is Survival, in which users must maintain their life support systems while interacting with other players and the environment of Minecraft. This server has been around for a while, and the community is modest yet quite welcoming.

Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft
Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft

Simply told, Sunny Survival was created to give Minecraft players a place to play together. One may create their own store to buy or sell products to other people in the fantastic player-driven economy. In addition, they can conduct business with neighbors.

Similar to most other SMP servers, members of Minecraft will be able to claim territory to stop others from destroying their creations. They can easily create their own town area and offer a location for many players to buy, sell, and trade items. In this community, becoming well-liked only requires a small amount of time and effort.

3- Pixelblock

IP address: best.pixelblockmc.com

A survival server with an economy is called Pixelblock. Similar to other entries on this list, it makes use of a fantastic plugin that enables in-game item trading and store creation for users. The server provides a variety of methods to get money, such as mining or taking out enemies in Survival mode. In Pixelblock, the objective is to transform a town into something amazing without the need of modifications or coding knowledge.

Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft
Top 3 economy-based SMP servers for Minecraft

With this service, you may access the best game versions and play Minecraft Bedrock. Additionally, this server offers a ton of one-of-a-kind incentives for doing unrelated activities, including voting for the server.

Players of Minecraft may also play Skyblock on Pixelblock. This server's mode is similar to that of Hypixel. Skyblock and Survival are two of the best multiplayer game modes, so this server is also great for players looking to play with friends.

On Pixelblock, gamers may set off on the ultimate journey. It has a welcoming community and is unquestionably one of the best servers for those looking to have a great time with their friends. This is a great choice for both new and seasoned gamers due to an amazing staff and community.

Minecraft SMP server tips and tricks

1- On SMP servers, the player-based economy is supported by in-game goods. There may be a few different ways to obtain the necessary cash depending on the one you're playing on. Having stated that, typical techniques often entail trade, mining, or destroying monsters. Ask seasoned players or the server staff about the easiest methods to gain money if you're a new user.

2- The majority of these Minecraft servers let you create your own store utilizing a chest system. A really amazing feature might be this. Due to different plugins, how it precisely functions can varies from server to server, but that should be quite simple to find out, and you can always contact the staff.

3- On most servers, you may teleport (randomly) anywhere on the map by using a command like '/rtp'. You won't have to start at your base location or the server spawn region, allowing you to swiftly explore a ton of new places all around the world. The command you use to teleport may be different or simply not exist on the server you're playing on, similar to how the functionality from the previous point functions.

4- Be sure to assert whatever you create. If you don't do this, you face the chance of someone breaking in or changing your land. There are a variety of ways to claim land on the particular server you've joined, so you'll need to look into it.

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