Top 5 Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft (2022)

Top 5 Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft (2022)

Since it was developed more than eight years ago, the wildly famous Minecraft pixelmon mod has swept the modding community.

Top 5 Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft (2022)
Top 5 Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft (2022)

There are still several Minecraft pixelmon servers available to play on despite Nintendo's copyright allegations forcing the closure of the pixelmon mod's main branch. Here are the top 5 IP addresses for Minecraft Pixelmon servers that gamers may utilize.

Top 5 Minecraft Pixelmon servers for fun

Players may engage in Pokemon battles, collection, and training on these Minecraft block-based servers.

1. Mox MC

Server IP Address: Moxmc.net

A list of Minecraft pixelmon servers with Mox MC at the top is dedicated to the game. All new users on this Pixelmon server are given a shiny starting Pokemon for free simply for signing up.

Top 5 Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft (2022)
Top 5 Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft (2022)

The main aspects of this server are trading and Pokemon fights. Players can fight with their greatest Pokemon in ladder-based tournaments every week on the server, where the winner receives a reward and a rare shiny Pokemon.

2. Pixelmon Realms

Server IP Address: play.pixelmonrealms.com

The most well-known Minecraft pixelmon server, Pixelmon Realms, utilizes Pixelmon Reforged.

The server's x5 Pokemon spawn rate ensures that players won't get bored while waiting to capture Pokemon. This server is a fantastic option, especially for those who want to eliminate the grind associated with Pixelmon.

A steady economy, grief prevention, EV training, and use of the "wondertrade" system are further features of the server.

3. GRM Pixelmon

Server IP Address: grmpixelmon.com

In addition to a free rank, bag, and pokeheal for new players, GRM Pixelmon is an entertaining pixelmon server. Players can go to a number of locales, including the Johto and Kanto regions, which were modeled after the Pokemon video games, throughout gameplay.

Additionally, players get access to PokeHunts, the safari zone, daily prizes, and frequent server activities.

4. CyborgMC

Server IP Address: pizza.cyborgmc.com

Minecraft users may capture Pokemon on this pixelmon server and engage in multiplayer battles with other players while playing on a recreation of the real-world earth's topography.

The nice thing about this particular pixelmon server is that Pokemon logically spawn in specified areas of the planet. For instance, ice-based Pokemon like Abomnasnow are regularly found around the North Pole and the South Pole, but Charizard is known to spawn close to volcanic regions of the earth.

5. Complex Gaming Pixelmon

Server IP Address: hub.mc-complex.com

Numerous players may be found on ComplexMC, one of the most well-liked Minecraft pixelmon servers, at all times of the day.

Users on this pixelmon server have the opportunity to fulfill their childhood fantasies of being a Pokemon trainer by engaging in Pokemon fights, taking down gyms, exchanging rare Pokemon with other players, and much more.

The top Minecraft pixelmon servers are now at an end. Additionally, readers should be aware that the bulk of these servers demand the installation of the Minecraft Pixelmon reforged mod. However, each of these servers is adequate in and of itself to deliver the greatest service.

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