Top 5 Minecraft Beginnings Mod Origins

Top 5 Minecraft Beginnings Mod Origins

 Apace100's Origins is a well-known mod that was released in 2020. It gained popularity after being utilized in the popular Origins SMP server, where many Minecraft streams play together.

Top 5 Minecraft Beginnings Mod Origins
Top 5 Minecraft Beginnings Mod Origins

Because it lets users choose an origin based on certain species or occurrences seen in Minecraft, this mod is special. Depending on the origin they chose, they may have certain advantages or disadvantages. Here are five of the most helpful Minecraft mods that users may access after they log in.

The top five Minecraft Origins mod origins

You can select from 15 distinct origins, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. However, in the Beginnings mod, they are some of the greatest and most enjoyable origins.

1- Shulk

The Shulkers in Minecraft's End Cities gave rise to the mighty race known as the Shulks. Their skin serves as a potent shield against strikes even when they are not wearing armor, and they have additional storage that is preserved even after death.

The main drawbacks are their huge appetites and inability to use a shield.

2- Phantom

In the Origins mod, the Phantom origin is a ghost-like creature that descended from the Phantoms. When in Phantom state, they can walk through barriers and become fully invisible whenever they wish.

They have less hearts to live and can't endure sunshine because they are ghosts.

3- Enderian

A monster known as Enderman is where the Enderian got its start. Enderians may hurl a limitless supply of ender pearls and teleport to any location without suffering any harm.

They can mine or battle from a distance using their long arms as well.

4- Starborne

Stars are the source of Starbornes, not necessarily from a creature. They are a star-powered species that is very powerful.

When they fight foes, they may launch star beams, drop stars in the shape of pyrotechnics, and use the power of stars to sprint more quickly.

Their speed reduces without stars, and they must spend their stored star power, making the daytime their lone time of vulnerability. If not, they risk dying.

5- Elytrian

The Elytra, the greatest treasure item in Minecraft, is sought for by everyone. But what if gamers could have it from the beginning and indefinitely?

The Origins mod's Elytrian origin grants people the ability to possess an Elytra and a unique ability to blast them into the air. They are able to fly as much as possible without the Elytra running low.

The sole drawback is that they will suffer greater damage if they run into a wall or are in an area with low ceilings, such as a cave.

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