Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers

Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers

 The there are several Minecraft multiplayer servers available, each with its own distinct features. While certain gamemodes are far more different than others, roleplaying servers are among the best.

Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers
Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers

Anime is a large genre, and there isn't much in Minecraft for anime fans. If you like One Piece, you might be interested to discover that certain Minecraft servers let you play as your favorite character.

3 of the top Anime Minecraft One Piece servers

1. MoxMC

IP Address: moxmc.net

Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers
Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers

MoxMC is the best pick if you want a Minecraft server with a huge user population and lots of fun and unique features. The server has millions of users, including a Discord server with around 70k individuals. It provides a variety of activities to keep you entertained, such as a wonderful Naruto server.

That server is based on the popular anime One Piece, which is one of the longest-running series. You may either follow the main character Monkey D. Luffy's plot or go out on your own adventure with the insane devil fruit powers.

The roleplay feature, which allows users to take on multiple roles while playing, is one of the most popular parts of this Minecraft server. This means they may be pirates, merchant marines, or crewmembers on other ships in your faction. You'll also get access to magical objects like magic wands, which allow you to perform things like call animals or produce fireballs.

There are also several additional ways to personalize your avatar, including a full skin system with hundreds of variations ranging from anime characters like Monkey D. Luffy himself to real-life superstars like Kanye West. It's simple enough. At any moment during gaming, click "Create Your Character" (which happens automatically after selecting something else first).

2. Scavenged Shores

IP Address: play.scavengedshores.com

Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers
Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers

The Scavenged Shores is a new Minecraft server that is quickly gaining popularity. They wanted something distinct from every other Minecraft server out there, not simply another copycat business intended only for profit at any cost—regardless of how much it costs or how long it takes to develop from the bottom up.

One of the greatest pirate servers is Scavenged Shores. It has numerous distinguishing elements that set it apart from other other servers, such as being fully custom-made and not based on any other genuine games.

There are several activities on the map, such as fishing and mining for gems and gold. You may also build cottages for yourself or others, search for food in the forest (or aboard your ship), or simply roam around Scavenged Shores to explore everything there is to see.

The server is distinct due to its numerous custom NPCs (non-player characters) and custom constructions. It's another server with a roleplay component, which is extremely fun. You may do business with retailers, cross borders with pirates, and even steal from passersby. This server is quite action-packed, and you should check it out.

 3. Pirate-era

IP Address: play.pirate-era.com

Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers
Top 3 Minecraft One Piece servers

If you want to play on a Minecraft server with everything you could desire for a roleplaying experience, Pirate-era Onepiece RPG is the way to go. This server contains its own plugins, items, mobs, and commands. It also offers custom maps and planets, as well as competitions and events where you may win prizes.

Several events occur on a regular basis, such as boss fights or treasure hunts, where you may gain prizes by fulfilling certain tasks to win the event. On this server, there are ranks that provide you access to certain commands and so on.

This server is based on the One Piece tale, and users can explore several islands and travel by ship. The staff team is well-constructed and is always in contact with the players to ensure that everything is running well.

Food, weapons/armor stores, an NPC shop for quick purchases, and much more can be found near the spawn. The server also features a custom map with a distinctive aesthetic that makes it appear like an island from the anime series.

Minecraft One Piece server recommendations

Tip 1

To maximize the performance of any server, players must normally download a resource pack. If the resource pack is not activated by default, it may be offered for download from the server's website on occasion.

Tip 2

The these are all roleplay servers, and the most of them feature a plot identical to the anime. It follows the One Piece plot in this case. You must pay close attention to everything and go back if you feel you have missed something in the tale.

Tip 3

In One Piece, humans get extraordinary powers by eating fruits known as devil fruits. The devil fruits will be placed over the map and will provide you a variety of skills, like the ability to be rubber, fly, and become invisible, among many more.

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