The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft

The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft

 A big video game that supports multiplayer gaming is called Minecraft. Players taking part in Cottagecore-style projects, particularly on construction servers, is a highly well-liked idea in the title. In essence, cottagecore stresses a simpler lifestyle and the associated aesthetics. The majority of the time, it alludes to country life.

The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft
The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft

The alternatives on the list below are worth taking into account if you're seeking for a solid Minecraft cottagecore server to play on. It includes some of the most well-liked plugins and add-ons for Minecraft servers that were created by seasoned programmers that genuinely care about their user base.

Popularity of Cottagecore servers in Minecraft

1- MoxMC

IP address: moxmc.net

The first name on this list is MoxMC. This server has many fantastic features, including a dedicated staff team and a wide selection of plugins. Since this is a survival server, player-against-player (PvP) fighting is not permitted. You may still construct your own home, though, and defend it alongside other online players.

The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft
The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft

A fantastic Minecraft server with a strong emphasis on construction is MoxMC. Its features and plugins increase the enjoyment factor of the game. This incorporates an economic system, a creative mode, and land conservation. You can find all the information you need to get started on the server's webpage.

Additionally, MoxMC is well-known for its fantastic community and has a solid reputation. Additionally, it is among the busiest Minecraft servers. Its participants appear to be individuals who appreciate the game and prefer playing in a setting where there is mutual respect and no cheating.

2- StoryCraft

IP address: playstorycraft.com

The survival server StoryCraft has a unique setting and add-ons. Additionally, the server boasts a welcoming player base that is always eager to assist new users. It also provides roleplay, which can be a lot of fun to play with friends.

Although the gameplay on the server isn't particularly sophisticated, there are interesting themes to explore. If you visit the StoryCraft website, you can see a ton of authentic mythology about the world of Minecraft as well as all the many adventures taking place on the server.

The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft
The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft

The magnificent cottagecore-style homes on this server, where you can completely immerse yourself in the server storylines while exploring the villages and woodland walks, are among the fantastic things you may see there.

On this server, anyone who wants to create their own home can do so without difficulty. For those looking for a pleasant experience as well as those who want to develop, this entry is absolutely remarkable.

3- Cottagecraft

IP address: play.cottagecraft.net

Small and welcoming, Cottagecraft is a place to live. You must request a whitelist on its Discord server in order to join it. Building and mining servers are available. In the former, there are businesses, merchants, and stores. The latter, however, has a lot more area for construction but neither an economy nor stores.

The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft
The top 3 Cottagecore servers for Minecraft

A friendly community exists in Cottagecraft that is eager to assist new players with their queries. However, you might not always find a lot of other players online if you're hunting for them. Due to the limited user base of the server, it is uncommon for more than one or two users to be signed in at once. But most players won't be badly impacted by this.

Roleplaying is the foundation of the server, which requires that users conduct themselves in-game as they would in real life. Each town and hamlet on the map has its own culture, language, and traditions. The servers for Cottagecraft have extremely few plugins or other mods because it emphasizes roleplaying rather than merely constructing, and it only has a few anti-griefing plugins.

Having said that, players may enjoy playing without worrying about being attacked at any moment because PvP is not permitted on these servers either.

Minecraft Cottagecore server recommendations

1- Be sure to assert whatever you create. If you don't do this, you face the chance of someone breaking in or modifying your land. There are many various ways to claim land on the specific server you joined, so you'll need to find out how to do it there.

2- Although cottagecore has its own look, you are given artistic leeway. Have fun and construct anything you want because everyone has various ideas of what the finest cottagecore-style buildings are.

3- The player-based economy on these servers is supported by in-game goods. The servers frequently have a large number of vanilla/SMP features. There may be numerous methods to obtain the cash depending on the server you're playing on; the servers often feature commerce, mining, or slaying monsters. Ask seasoned players or the server staff about the easiest methods to gain money if you're a new user.

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