How to get banner patterns in Minecraft and utilize them (2022)

How to get banner patterns in Minecraft and utilize them (2022)

 There are a ton of different ways to decorate and customize your Minecraft world, and you can even employ patterned banners to express yourself. While bespoke patterns may be made, players can also find certain designs in-game as prize.

How to get banner patterns in Minecraft and utilize them (2022)
How to get banner patterns in Minecraft and utilize them (2022)

The possibilities that can be created for banners in Minecraft are simply astounding, regardless of the pattern a player uses. Beginners, though, might not be quite familiar with the procedure. Even soldiers who may not have bothered with this specific type of decoration might be deemed to have done so.

Fortunately, once you get the hang of it, the procedure is really fairly easy. Players will be able to make numerous amazing banner decorations with a little bit of expertise, help from a certain block, and some supplies.

How to get and use banner designs in Minecraft

While players may construct their own banners, the loom block also has certain patterns and elements that they can employ. Overall, Bedrock Edition features eight distinct patterns, compared to six in Java Edition.

How to get banner patterns in Minecraft and utilize them (2022)
How to get banner patterns in Minecraft and utilize them (2022)

While certain designs may be created via the crafting menu, others must be acquired by trading with locals. One in particular is lootable.

Patterns acquired while making

  • Thing Pattern - Paper + Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Skull Pattern - Paper + Wither Skeleton Skull
  • Creeper Pattern - Paper + Creeper Head
  • Flower Pattern - Paper + Oxeye Daisy
  • Field Masoned Pattern - Paper + Brick Block (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Bordure Indented Pattern - Paper + Vines (Bedrock Edition only)

Patterns discovered via trading

  • Globe Pattern - For the price of eight emeralds, trade with a master-level Cartographer villager.

Patterns seen in treasure chests

Snout Pattern - Found in loot boxes within Nether bastion remnant constructions. The pattern has a 10.1% chance of appearing in normal treasure boxes in the bastions in both Minecraft's Java and Bedrock Editions.

Once a Minecraft user has determined their preferred pattern, they must apply it on a banner using the loom block. They will need two matching wood plank blocks and two pieces of twine to make a loom.

A piece of dye in any color will also be required to imprint the design into the banner. Finally, Minecraft players will require a banner to place on the loom in order to combine their pattern.

Using the Loom to create a banner pattern

1- If you haven't already, place your loom block and right-click it or hit the "activate" button on your controller.

2- Place your banner in the loom's top-left slot. Any banner will suffice, regardless of color or previous design. Remember that the pattern will be applied on top of the design you've previously made.

3- Select your relevant dye hue in the loom's top-right slot. Any color of dye will work nicely, so choose one that will complement the color scheme of the banner.

4- Place your banner pattern item in the loom's bottom slot. The design will be transferred onto the banner regardless of whether it is produced, traded, or looted.

5- Remove the rebuilt banner from the loom's right-most slot once you've achieved the required design and color.

That's the end of it. Remember that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition users may make banner patterns using the crafting table. Once you've finished your newly-patterned banner, you may use it as a decoration or combine it with a shield at the crafting table. You can shield yourself from harm in elegance this way.

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