How to download the latest Minecraft Bedrock update, 1.19.40

How to download the latest Minecraft Bedrock update, 1.19.40

 The most recent update to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has been made available, and it includes a number of speed and quality-of-life improvements to maintain the game compatible with Java Edition.

How to download the latest Minecraft Bedrock update, 1.19.40
How to download the latest Minecraft Bedrock update, 1.19.40

Update Bedrock to the most recent version if you wish to experience these new enhancements.

The good news is that upgrading Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is a really easy and simple process. Players may quickly upgrade the game and start enjoying the new updates whether they are playing it on console platforms, PC, or mobile devices.

Nevertheless, the method for upgrading the game varies based on the platform being used to play it. Reexamining how each Bedrock platform manages the update procedure is not harmful.

How to update each platform for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

The upgrades for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition vary slightly depending on the platform. The 1.19.40 update, however, is now accessible on all Bedrock-compatible systems.

How to download the latest Minecraft Bedrock update, 1.19.40
How to download the latest Minecraft Bedrock update, 1.19.40

Many times, the game will update on its own, but occasionally, players must start it themselves. It shouldn't be that challenging to do this and simply take a few minutes if your internet connection is strong.

Updating Bedrock Edition on a computer: steps

  1. Navigate to the Bedrock Edition tab in the Minecraft Launcher.
  2. If it hasn't already, the game will begin upgrading to the newest version by default. You may also pick "Latest Version" from the menu adjacent to the play button to confirm that your current installation is updated to 1.19.40.
  3. A request to update the game may occur. If this occurs, make sure you choose "Yes."

Methods for updating Bedrock for mobile platforms (Android and iOS)

  1. Search for Minecraft on your respective app store (Google Play or Apple App Store).
  2. When you go to the app page, there should be a "update" button in place of the play button. To begin the updating process, tap this button. The game should be automatically updated after a few moments. If you launch the app without first upgrading it, you may see a popup asking you to update the game, which may also be used to initiate the process.

Methods for updating Bedrock on Xbox

  1. Go to the applications and games area.
  2. "More Options," "Manage Games & Add-Ons," and lastly "Updates" should be selected.
  3. If there is a Minecraft update available, you should be able to start it from this list. You can play the game after a short period of time with a good internet connection.

How to Update Bedrock on the Playstation

  1. Minecraft will often update itself as long as the console is online and either turned on or in Rest Mode. If auto-updates are turned off, you may manually apply the update from the Library tab.
  2. Navigate to the game in the Library tab and tap the settings button before selecting "Check for Updates." If any are available, they will be posted to the download page and will remain there until they are finished. Once the update is complete, you should receive a message and be able to resume playing the game.

How to Update Bedrock on the Nintendo Switch

  1. Open Minecraft and activate your console. If the game hasn't been updated to the newest version, you'll see a prompt to go to the Nintendo Switch Shop and download the latest update.
  2. You may also highlight the game in your main menu and hit the + button. To initiate any updates you may have missed, choose "Sofware Update" and "Via the Internet." Switches, like Playstation platforms, will update the game automatically as long as it is turned on or in Sleep Mode. If auto-updates are disabled, you must instead utilize the methods mentioned.

Bedrock Edition successfully updates its own software automatically for the most part, however gamers occasionally choose to pick and choose when to apply upgrades.

Fortunately, Mojang has simplified the process so that gamers may spend less time waiting and more time crafting and exploring.

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