Date, time, teams, and other information for the 26th Minecraft Championship

Date, time, teams, and other information for the 26th Minecraft Championship

 The popular Minecraft Championship pits the best Minecraft content developers against one another in a variety of bespoke minigames. The top two teams advance to the finals after the 40 players have been picked and divided into 10 teams. Since the competition frequently features their favorite content creators, millions of viewers swarm to various livestreams to watch it.

Date, time, teams, and other information for the 26th Minecraft Championship
Date, time, teams, and other information for the 26th Minecraft Championship

With its 26th event this time, the Minecraft Championship is back. They are holding another another tournament following a great event in September. No of where they are in the competition, participants always have fun playing the mini-games.

The complete guide to the Minecraft Championship (MCC) 26

The 26 teams chosen for the Minecraft Championship

Usually, a few weeks prior to the event, all 10 teams were revealed on the official MCC Twitter account. As millions of fans learn who has partnered with who, this is one of their favorite parts of the entire event. Since the MCC hosts create the teams themselves, everyone is typically surprised when they are revealed.

The roster features numerous recognizable names, just like every other MCC. The official rosters for each of the 10 participating teams are listed below:

Red Ravens

  1. TommyInnit
  2. CaptainSparklez
  3. F1nn5ter
  4. Jack Manifold

Orange Ocelots

  1. TapL
  2. BadBoyHalo
  3. Skeppy
  4. Spifey

Mustard Mummies

  1. Sapnap
  2. 5up
  3. Michaelmcchill
  4. Gee Nelly

Lime Liches

  1. cubfan135
  2. InTheLittleWood
  3. PeteZahHutt
  4. Solidarity

Green Goblins

  1. Grian
  2. Seapeekay
  3. Smallishbeans
  4. WilburSoot

Cyan Centipedes

  1. KaraCorvus
  2. Krinios
  3. Krtzyy
  4. Rygurocky

Aqua Abominations

  1. Aimsey
  2. HBomb94
  3. Smajor
  4. Sylvee

Blue Banshees

  1. FoolishGamers
  2. Punz
  3. Tubbo
  4. vGumiho

Violet Vampires

  1. Fruitberries
  2. Ph1LzA
  3. Shubble
  4. TheOrionSound

Fuchsia Frankensteins

  1. Blushi
  2. Purpled
  3. Ranboo
  4. Slimecicle

Date and time of the 26th annual Minecraft Championship

The event is just a few days away, so fans will soon get to watch their favorite teams and content producers in action. The hosts of the competition revealed a few weeks ago that the Minecraft Championship 26 would take place on October 22 at 8:00 PM BST.

It is easy for fans in other time zones to modify the BST timetable to fit their own schedule.

Minecraft Championship 26: How to Watch

Unfortunately, the hosts do not offer a live stream of the competition, but fans can view it through other content producers. In fact, the competitors will broadcast the competition on their personal Twitch and YouTube channels.

To watch their preferred team and content producers, players need to go to one of these streams. The majority of the event is creator-driven, so this is a fantastic method for participants to increase viewership. It also gives spectators the choice to take in the competition from various vantage points and angles.

a unique map and additional materials geared for Halloween

The majority of the content producers will wear costumes while competing in the event, so spectators will receive a special Halloween-themed competition this month. Some team members might even have unique in-game skins planned since teams are given unique names and color codes.

The hosts have also entirely modified the appearance of the tournament server by including a ton of Halloween-related stuff.

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