A Minecraft Redditor has created a mod that adds additional aquatic mobs

A Minecraft Redditor has created a mod that adds additional aquatic mobs

 Despite the fact that Minecraft features a variety of mobs, there are various modifications available that regularly breathe fresh life into the sandbox game. Mods are third-party additions that anybody may build and add to the game unofficially. Thousands of modifications are available on the internet due to their ease of creation.

A Minecraft Redditor has created a mod that adds additional aquatic mobs
A Minecraft Redditor has created a mod that adds additional aquatic mobs

A Redditor going by the moniker u/AyaanDB recently shared a few photographs of their mod, which introduced various real-life aquatic species to the game. Silver arowana, Tasmanian crab, frogfish, bowhead whale, and leafy seadragon were among the photos provided by the user. These screenshots were obtained directly from the game and demonstrate how the mod works.

Each aquatic animal was portrayed appropriately by the modder. These creatures' size, color palette, and overall appearance were quite true to how they appeared in reality. The mod, which features many additional species, is only accessible in Bedrock Edition.

Users respond to a Minecraft mod for aquatic mobs created by a Redditor

Many people of the Minecraft Reddit page were attracted by the mod after witnessing so many different sorts of aquatic critters in Minecraft. The post gained over 3,000 upvotes and several comments regarding the mod and other aquatic species that the modder may add to the game. Because the game lacks numerous aquatic mobs, this mod piqued the interest of many players.

Many people complained that the original poster and mod creator failed to include the blue lobster in the mod. Because the mob was referenced in so many comments, one may conclude the mod has been out for a long and gamers have requested additional mobs to be included. Soon after, the original poster commented with a link to a photo of a blue lobster in the mod.

Many Redditors have expressed their desire for enormous mobs with a magnificent and epic sense. This particular component was lacking from the game, and players concurred in the comments area. The original poster also stated why they included huge whales in the update.

Many Redditors also debated whether or not these new aquatic mobs had any utility. Almost all vanilla monsters have some features; however, the original posting noted that the modding team is working on adding features to certain mobs.

In the comments area, they also sought guidance from others. According to one user, the new whale mob might frighten off Drowned hostile mobs in the same way as cats scare off Creepers.

The original poster offered a link in the comment area for folks to download the Minecraft mod for Bedrock Edition. They may also go to the 'Aquatic Craft Addon server' Discord channel and receive the download link from the 'Announcements' page.

However, the article and mod garnered a positive response on the Minecraft Reddit page. This mod has been available since February, and the modding team has been attempting to promote it on one of the biggest mod websites in order to gain more exposure. The quantity of upvotes and good comments on the Reddit thread demonstrate how much the community adores the mod and want to obtain it.

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