A Minecraft Redditor builds an in-game 3D printer out of sand bricks

A Minecraft Redditor builds an in-game 3D printer out of sand bricks

 Because Minecraft is such a great sandbox game, its users have developed some of the most odd constructions and contraptions. The game's mix of an infinite number of bricks and redstone that automates everything makes it suitable for creating anything. A Redditor recently shown how they built a 3D printer that can build a mini-structure all by itself.

A Minecraft Redditor builds an in-game 3D printer out of sand bricks.
A Minecraft Redditor builds an in-game 3D printer out of sand bricks.

On October 26, a Redditor known as 'u/ajemalbatros' shared a video showing their 3D printer in action. Inside each shulker box, they first displayed an array of concrete powder and glass pane blocks. The complete redstone contraption sprang to life after placing all of the shulkers in a big chest and touching a few knobs and levers.

Each layer of the 3D print was made on a flat surface at the bottom initially, and then the entire contraption came down and picked up the layer. This process continues as the primary 3D print in the upper half begins to take shape. According to the movement of the entire device, the entire movie has been sped up quite a bit. The printer was fun to watch, even if it must be sluggish in real life.

Users react to Minecraft Redditor's 3D printer

Making a 3D printer is fresh and interesting, but setting up an extremely sophisticated redstone contraption to generate anything odd is not. People admired the original poster's creation of a gadget that could manufacture 3D mini-structures on its own. Within a day, the post received almost 3,000 upvotes and many comments.

Following the contentious removal of a popular post on this subreddit, many people speculated on whether or not this post would be removed as well. Previously, the page's moderators deleted a post detailing how participants built a computer within the game.

The community was very divided about this and chastised the subreddit admins. Despite the fact that some people are still upset about the removals, they wish this post about a fantastic 3D printer wouldn't be restricted or deleted.

Many Redditors accurately explained how the printer operated. One of them also described how they built a 3D printer, although it wasn't as effective as this one.

Others pointed out that popular Minecraft content maker Ilmango also developed a 3D printer. The original poster responded that their printer does not leave sand blocks on the print itself, in contrast to the printer created by Ilmango.

This 3D printer made in Minecraft must have used an absurd amount of redstone. While the majority of Redditors openly expressed their gratitude to the original posting, several made lighthearted remarks about how little they knew about redstone.

They complained about their limited ability to create pressure plates, manipulate piston motion, and even unlock doors. Since individuals keep posting comments, these discussions are frequently entertaining to read.

The innovative idea of a 3D printer in the game was adored by tens of thousands of Minecraft Redditors. A few Reddit awards were even given to the post in order to show how much the original poster was appreciated. After 18 hours since it first went up, it is still gaining views and upvotes.

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