5 best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition Bugs to Try

5 best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition Bugs to Try

 Minecraft bugs are abnormalities that aren't meant to be there. They shatter it in a variety of ways, some of which are entertaining and harmless to attempt.

5 best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition Bugs to Try
5 best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition Bugs to Try

Minecraft, like almost every other game, has bugs and glitches. Mojang's game team is continuously trying to enhance the title and remove unintended inclusions such as the ones listed below. Because the bugs discussed in this page may be removed in the future, players should use them as soon as feasible.

How to Experience the Five Best Bugs in Minecraft Bedrock

1. End dragon cloning (Duplication)

It allows players to replicate the ender dragon, making it one of the most hazardous bugs on this list. Because the bug requires an End gateway to function, this must be done after defeating the creature at least once.

When the dragon dies, players must resurrect it with End crystals. Following that, they must entice and mislead it into entering the End portal. Repeating this will allow additional dragons to sprout on the island's outskirts.

2. Slimy boat

The this is a fascinating and entertaining insect. Slime blocks, as players may be aware, are a sort of block in the game. This glitch needs players to put down a thin layer of slime blocks and position a boat in the center of it.

After that, all gamers have to do is jump onto the platform and cross the boat. They must then jump on the boat many times before entering it. This will force both to soar high into the air and bounce back down.

3. Armor stands are “alive”

When put into lava, armor stands in Minecraft Java Edition do not burn. They just continue to burn, mimicking the effect demonstrated by netherite goods when they fall into the scorching semi-liquid.

The armor stands in Minecraft Bedrock, on the other hand, are broken since they are influenced by status effects. This allows them to burn in lava in the same way as a player does, taking ticks of damage and dying by sliding sideways.

4. Void spawning

In Minecraft's Java Edition, players who come back in after logging out respawn in the same location where they left off. The game takes no precautions to guarantee that players spawn on a safe surface. This frequently results in players getting damage or dying as soon as they are formed.

However, with Bedrock Edition, the game's programming ensures that the spawning site is secure before bringing in a player. Unfortunately, if the gamer has previously logged out of the title while standing in a dangerous region, the game will most likely spawn them in the void.

When a player logs out of the game while standing on a glass platform over a lava pool, this is an example of this. This causes the game to spawn the player inside the vacuum, which is fatal for survival players.

5. Swimming in air

The player is swimming in the air in this Minecraft glitch. To do this, gamers must first ensure that they have a platform over their heads. Their best hope is to construct a long row of blocks that will act as a ceiling, allowing them to effectively conduct the aerial swimming activity.

They will also have to construct a modest chamber at a high height. This chamber must be filled with water before the swimming procedure can begin.

After establishing a platform, players must begin swimming against the ceiling and then press and hold the leap button. They will not be ripped out of the bugged activity as long as they remain pushing the jump button and have a platform over their heads.

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