How to Get Minecraft Preview [Download Guide for 2022]

How to Get Minecraft Preview [Download Guide for 2022]

 Minecraft is a game that thrives on updates, and Mojang is constantly releasing new content for its iconic title. Minecraft Preview has been published as a new phase for the game's Bedrock Edition.

How to Get Minecraft Preview (Download Guide for 2022)
How to Get Minecraft Preview (Download Guide for 2022)

Minecraft Preview, considered the next natural step in Bedrock Edition's beta program, is a new method to enjoy the game's planned content with fewer concessions and limitations.

This way of playing the game is stand-alone, so gamers won't have to worry about interfering with the version of the game they have installed.

Users may just install Preview and play the game without generating any additional problems. This way of assessing new information, however, has drawbacks.

Minecraft Preview is available for download and installation on iOS, Windows, & Xbox

Players who wish to participate in the Minecraft Preview program have several options based on the platform they want to play on.

It's worth noting that this method of previewing the game is only available on Bedrock Edition platforms; Java Edition players get updated snapshots instead. Preview is available for download on iOS, Windows, and Xbox.

Installing Minecraft Preview on each supported platform

Minecraft Preview 2022 for iOS (Install Guide)

Players should sign up for the program at testflight.apple.com/join/qC1ZnReJ using their Apple credentials. Preview signups are now filled, however, this may change in the future. This is due to the removal of inactive players throughout time. After then, spots are made available for new players.

Minecraft Preview 2022 for Windows 10 & 11 (Install Guide)

Windows gamers can access Preview if they own a copy of Bedrock Edition or have a valid Xbox Game Pass membership. Players who satisfy this need can install Preview straight from https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/store/minecraft-preview-for-windows/9p5x4qvlc2xr. Xbox Game Pass may also be accessed directly through the Xbox program on Windows. If the URL supplied does not work correctly, players can search for Preview to download it.

Minecraft Preview 2022 for Xbox (Install Guide)

The procedure is substantially more straightforward for Xbox console users. Simply navigate to the Xbox shop from the dashboard and search for Preview. They may then instantly download the program. It functions similarly to any other digital or physical download for the console.

Minecraft Preview will be available on various platforms, according to Mojang. Hopefully, this signifies that the app will be available on both PlayStation consoles and Android devices.

Mojang intends to phase away the original beta program and replace it with Preview for the foreseeable future. The beta program is still available on Xbox, Windows, and Android for the time being, but it will be taken off gradually.

In addition, Mojang has announced that it intends to integrate Preview into the game's official launcher in the future, providing players with more ways to consume content for upcoming releases. This should be a wonderful approach to not just raise enthusiasm for future releases, but also to provide vital input to the development team.

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