Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modpack [1.12.2] (Minecraft The Magical and Dragon World)

Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modpack [1.12.2] (Minecraft The Magical and Dragon World)

 Minecraft Space Shuttles, Dungeons, and Dragons Modpack 1.12.2 is the perfect marriage of magic, technology, and, of course, the Dragon. There have been a profusion of unique Mods throughout the years that are not only fantastic in their own right but also add an entirely new type of gameplay to the world of Minecraft. However, some of them are underwhelmed in other areas. For example, if a Mod has an accurate portrayal of mob design, it will be deficient in the RPG and world-building scenes.

Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modpack [1.12.2] (Minecraft The Magical and Dragon World)
Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modpack [1.12.2] (Minecraft The Magical and Dragon World)

 However, with the Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles Modpack, all of these Mods will combine and complement one another, offering the ideal experience for players to explore an entirely new planet. Not only will players be able to use magic, technology, and physical force to protect themselves from some of the world's most dangerous opponents, but they will also be able to construct, investigate, and explore the environment.

Food, brewing, agriculture, and bees:

  • Pam's Harvestcraft, SOL Carrot Edition, and Hunger Overhaul provide a challenging and customized food system.
  • A brewing system that uses Rustic Bees and Trees from Forestry, Binnis Mod, Magic Bees, and Career Bees to create alcoholic drinks!
  • Gendustry genetically manipulates bees, plants, and butterflies.
  • A wide range of Potions/Splash Potions & Tipped Arrows with Alchemy
  • Animania introduces new methods for breeding and caring for animals.
  • Mystical Agriculture provides resources for tons of materials.

Magic, Technology, and Storage Systems:

  • Multiple Tech and Magic Mods are balanced around Extended Crafting Tables and Artisan Workshops!
  • A lot of customized content with complicated processing lines using Contenttweaker!
  • A wide range of power generating options!
  • Scientific projects centered on Rockhounding Mod and Alchemistry!
  • TConstruct, PlusTiC, and MorePlates Customized Tools and Materials!
  • Tinkers Alloying Addon adds over 20 new ores and blocks, 28 new alloys, and unique traits.
  • There are several utilities centered on Cyclic, OpenBlocks, Extra Utilitis, Dynamic Integration, and much more!
  • To survive with this large amount of Stuff, use Refined Storage or Applied Energistics 2, Iron Chests, Mekanism Bins, Storage Drawers, and more!
  • Conquer the Universe using Galacticraft and Extra Planets to get valuable materials!
  • Use Blood Mods like EvilCraft and Blood Magic / Blood Arsenal!
  • With Astral Sorcery, you may harness the power of the stars!
  • Botania's excellent Mana System will help you grow step by step!

Exploration and adventure:

  • My Modpack makes use of Traverse and Zoesteria Biomes to create a gorgeous overworld landscape!
  • Worleys Caves and Underground Biomes have created extensive, nearly infinite cave networks!
  • There are almost 20 dimensions to investigate (which include planets like Mars, fantasy dimensions like the Twilight Forest and much more)
  • Travel to distant planets by using Stargates!
  • Massive underground structures around Roguelike and Doomlike Dungeons!
  • Dangerous Ruins and other haphazard Structures with spawners and additional chests!
  • Loot-Tables for practically every Dungeon Chest have been completely revamped to make exploration more appealing!
  • A plethora of difficult opponents, including Infernal Mobs and Rough Mobs!
  • Tame, fly, or defeat dragons, cyclopes, hippogryphs, and other amazing beasts!
  • Build airships and jetpacks to travel the world, or utilize high-speed lines to create your own subway system!
  • OpenModularTurrets and OpenModularPassiveDefense will keep your base safe!
  • Plushie Battle! *.* Full Customized Lootbags! Collect all the missing Plushies!

Construction and decoration:

  • This Modpack includes a plethora of options such as Chisel and Bits, Little Tiles, Architecturecraft, Blockcraftery, Mr. Crayfish's Furnitures, Bibliocraft, and more to let you customize your Base.

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