Best Armor Enchantments for Minecraft 1.19.2 Update (2022)

Best Armor Enchantments for Minecraft 1.19.2 Update (2022)

 Enchanted armor, weapons, and equipment are available in Minecraft. Enchantments may be applied to your gear after gaining enough XP and constructing an enchanting chamber.

Best Armor Enchantments for Minecraft 1.19.2 Update (2022)
Best Armor Enchantments for Minecraft 1.19.2 Update (2022)

In Minecraft, adding enchantments to your armor, tools, and weapons will increase your survivability, utility, speed, and durability. It's quite common for gamers to create an amazing library to house their enchanted table in (it makes sense since you need bookcases).

Although various enchantments are preferable for specific scenarios, you can see our list of the finest general enchantments in Minecraft here (for each piece of equipment).

What Are The Best Enchantments For Armor?

All forms of armor (Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings, and Boots) can be enchanted with the following enchantments:

  • Unbreaking III: Armor is more durable before breaking. Each armor component will survive roughly 40% longer before breaking or needing repairs at level III unbreaking.
  • Mending: Repairs your armor automatically with experience orbs. Killing a zombie, for example, will drop XP orbs and automatically restore your armor (at a rate of 2 durabilities per 1 XP). This enchant is extremely helpful, and it can only be gained by locating a repairing enchant book (dungeon chests, fishing, trading, etc). An enchanted table cannot be used to enchant mending.
  • Protection IV: This enchant should be applied to all armor parts. Each level of this enchant gives a 4% damage reduction. Protection II, for example, adds 8% (Level 2 * 4% damage reduction) while Protection IV adds 16% (Level 4 * 4% damage reduction). You will absorb 64% less damage if all four of your armor components have Protection IV.

Best Helmet Enchantments

  • Unbreaking III, Mending IV, and Protection IV.
  • Aqua Affinity: Allows you to mine and dig at normal speeds underwater. You mine 5 times slower when swimming if you don't have this enchant.
  • Respiration III: Adds 45 seconds to your underwater breathing time. When you use this enchant, you will be able to swim underwater for extended lengths of time.

Best Chest Enchantments

  • Unbreaking III, Mending IV, and Protection IV.
  • No extra enchantments are required.

Best Leggings Enchantments

  • Protection IV, Mending, and Unbreaking III.
  • There is no need to add any more enchantments.

Best Enchantments for Boots

  • Unbreaking III, Mending IV, and Protection IV.
  • Feather Falling IV: Cuts falling damage in half. When paired with Protection IV on at least two sets of armor, it is possible to obtain a maximum fall damage mitigation of 80%.
  • Depth Strider III OR Frost Walker II: You can only have one of these on your boots, so choose wisely. Depth Strider allows you to swim faster, and at level III, you can swim faster than you can walk. Frost Walker transforms water into ice when you tread on it, allowing you to walk on it. When walking across molten bricks or campfires, Frost Walker also eliminates damage.

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