Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition (June 2022)

Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition (June 2022)

 Minecraft Version 1.19 is officially available for all players to play on June 7, and players are now researching 1.19 seeds to start survival on the most sought-after, engaging, and useful features like spawners among the 1.19 seeds. In this list, we have listed the new and hot top 5 Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition seeds for you.

Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition (June 2022)
5 Best Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition (June 2022)

Starting on a brand new world is one of the most thrilling aspects of a new Minecraft update. If it seems like something you'd be interested in, you'll need to discover the correct seed for it. 

These seeds will help you get started on your next creation while also putting you in the ideal mindset to take advantage of everything new that The Wild Update has to offer! In this article, we'll show you some fantastic Minecraft 1.19 seeds.

The Top 5 Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Because of the seed parody, you will be able to exchange seed codes more consistently across different versions of the game! Remember that created constructions such as villages, mansions, temples, and so on will not necessarily be in the same location on each edition. This is the one region where seeds will change between Bedrock and Java, although we're expecting that the spawning will be mostly the same.

1- Ice Spikes & Villages (Seed: -1683905072585972978)

Ice Spikes & Villages
Minecraft Ice Spikes & Villages

When you're searching for some stunning cold terrain, this seed will spawn you inside an ice spike biome. While trekking the snow, you will come across a handful of settlements where you may pick up some goodies.

Seed Features

  • Spawn: 13 64 -10
  • Village 1: 243 63 239
  • Village 2: 85 65 -159

2- Mangrove Swamp (Seed: 348722287802000751)

Mangrove Swamp
Minecraft Mangrove Swamp

If you want to explore the new Mangrove Swamp habitat, this is the seed for you. It not only has a massive swamp, but you may also venture underground at spawn and explore a Stronghold.

Seed Features

  • Spawn: 665 63 199
  • Desert Village: 912 74 613
  • Warm Ocean Biome: 665 80 156

3- The Dripstone Cave and the Ancient City (Seed: 5155879575039368840)

The Dripstone Cave and the Ancient City
Minecraft The Dripstone Cave and the Ancient City

When you spawn, you will be in a rather extensive badlands biome not far from a hamlet. There's also a gigantic tunnel that leads to a vast dripstone ecosystem. You can then travel into the deep dark and then to an old city!

Seed Features

  • Spawn: -106 103 -77
  • Village: -184 111 229
  • Dripstone Cave Entrance: -127 91 21
  • Dripstone Cave to Deep Dark Biome Entrance: -140 11 4
  • Ancient City: -156 -43 -190

4- Mountain Cliffs with Multiple Biomes (Seed: 883950225)

Mountain Cliffs with Multiple Biomes
Minecraft Mountain Cliffs with Multiple Biomes

They spawn in a tiny desert biome encircled by a large badlands mountain with a water pool. There are other biomes around, as well as cliffs that slope down into a bigger pool. There are caverns to explore, as well as a nearby savanna town.

Seed Features

  • Spawn: 30 93 56
  • Savanna Village: -379 120 200

5- Island Valley & Lush Caves (Seed: 781561117)

Island Valley & Lush Caves
Minecraft Island Valley & Lush Caves

A very stunning island with a variety of biomes, including the uncommon bamboo jungle. Not only that, but a huge lush cave system spawns within the island, making for some enjoyable exploring. This is a beautiful seed for your future construction.

Seed Features

  • Spawn: 7 150 -7
  • Lush Caves Biome: -73 67 159

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