How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19 (Building Guide)

How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19 (Building Guide)

 Iron ore is among Minecraft's most important materials in the Survival Mode world, and its use in several crafting techniques means players will need enough of it.

How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19 (Building Guide)
How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19 (Building Guide)

Fortunately, the game's community has been working on a method to farm iron for several versions of the game. An iron farm, when done correctly, saves a significant amount of time and resources. These farms range in size from enormous enterprises to as little as a 5x5 area. They will, of course, produce varying quantities of iron, but a consistent amount of any quantity is preferable to none at all.

The Easiest Method to Build 5x5 Iron Farm

Minecraft version 1.19 included a slew of new materials and blocks, but nothing fancy is required for this build. Minecraft players will need the following resources to build their iron farm:

  • 36 Solid structural block or stone
  • Wool will be used as a temporary barrier. As long as it is readily broken, it may be exchanged with most other blocks in Minecraft.
  • A single dirt block.
  • Only one lever.
  • Four oak leaf block stacks; otherwise, Minecraft players can use tilled ground or carpet to make a block unspawnable.
  • In a pinch, players may replace any light-producing block with one Shroomlight or Glowstone block.
  • There are 3 beds.
  • 37 slabs of stone
  • 4 chests.
  • 2 Hoppers.
  • 10 glass cubes
  • There are 9 Spruce Trap Doors. If desired, these trap doors may be fashioned of any other wood or even metal in Minecraft.
  • There are seven conventional rails.
  • 1 energized rail
  • 1 Minecart.
  • 3 stone steps
  • 2 wooden stairwells
  • There are 36 fence components.
  • Minecraft villagers are nearby.
  • A couple of zombies.

This farm can be built on a 5x5 footprint, but Minecraft players will require a 21x21 grid to make it un-spawnable. Once their grid is ready, they may put together the farm as follows:

  1. Go to the 5x5 grid's center and set the Shroomlight or Glowstone in the center block.
  2. Distribute the three beds evenly and vertically above the light source. The light-creating block should be covered by the middle bed.
  3. Place a Double Chest at the top-right corner of the beds while remaining within the 5x5 grid. A Hopper should be placed on the right side of this Double Chest. Then, construct a second Double Chest on top of the first Double Chest's right side, covering the Hopper as well. Finally, install a final Hopper on top of the second Double Chest's right side.
  4. Remove the block above the head of the leftmost bed while the beds are erect. Fill the remaining hole with a Stone Slab.
  5. Place the temporary wool block on the block close to where the slab will be put. The temporary block should be placed beneath the middle bed's headrest.
  6. Construct a three-block-tall wall around the chests and Hoppers. Use steps above the chest lids for the wall to ensure the chests may be opened.
  7. Build a one-block-high wall around the beds, then add a line of glass blocks on top of the wall bricks.
  8. Fill up the gaps in the grid by placing a reversed stair block in the one area that isn't covered by a wall or glass window.
  9. Add another layer of blocks on top of the glass ones; the wall should now be three blocks tall.
  10. Cover the top aperture of the building with the six Spruce Trap Doors. This will result in a spawnable floor.
  11. Place five fence pieces along the length of the trap doors.
  12. Place wooden stairs opposite one another, directly near the fence's ends.
  13. Fence in the remainder of the boundary, including the Hopper. This will have no effect on the Hopper.
  14. Build the fencing three blocks high on all sides except the first longitudinal set.
  15. Place three trap doors in the midst of the three-block-high barriers and set them to open.
  16. Cover the top of the barrier with trap doors. Place trap doors until the entire floor space is covered by a roof.
  17. Install three trap doors and two blocks vertically from the Hopper on the bottom of the roof.
  18. Place a lava bucket between the trap doors on the fence and the trap doors on the roof. If everything is done correctly, the lava should be trapped between the trap doors. Lava holds are a Minecraft staple and should be a rather routine technique.
  19. Place two buckets of water on the stairwell. The water should be directed over the floor and towards the Hopper.
  20. Place rails around the perimeter of the 21x21 grid from the opening in the wall on the base floor. Finally, lay a soil block on top of the Oak leaf block. Check that the rail component next to it is energized.
  21. Place a lever on the other side of the dirt block from the powered rail.
  22. Wait till dark to open the bedside walls; adjacent residents should throng to the beds.
  23. Surround the walls with the spaded ground, then fill up the gaps with Oak leaf blocks.
  24. In Survival Mode, this section will be challenging. Minecraft players must wait until a zombie lines up with its hitbox on the rails.
  25. Throw the switch after the zombie is near enough to the Minecart on the powered rail, and the Minecart will convey the zombie to the sleeping townspeople.
  26. Take away the temporary wool block.
  27. At the top of the structure, Iron Golems will begin to spawn.
  28. Players can also swap the rail bricks with leaf blocks.
  29. The farm is complete when you wall the Minecart zombie in with the people.
  30. Open the chests at the player's leisure and harvest the iron contained therein.

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