5 Best Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.19 Survival

5 Best Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.19 Survival

 To survive against the vicious animals in Minecraft, players must use game stuff. Most goods may be produced using the crafting table, however, some are exclusively available through treasure boxes and monster drops.

Minecraft's uncommon items
Minecraft's uncommon items

Some goods are produced in greater quantities than others. The following is a list of the most difficult things to get in survival or tough mode. These things have various applications and can only be found in a few places.

A few of the rarest goods in Minecraft survival that players should be aware of

Here are some of the most difficult things to get in Minecraft survival.

5) Step of the pig

The rarest music disc in Minecraft is the pig step, which was included with the 1.16 update. Unfortunately, the pig step music disc cannot be replaced once it has been broken.

A step disc for pigs
A pig step disc

Pig steps, unlike other music CDs, cannot be purchased through mob dropping. It may be obtained through investigating bastions, with a 5.6 percent chance of generating a pig step disc in one of its generic chests.

4) Conduit

They are blocks that, when activated, provide the player "Conduit power". Those who are affected by this effect will get three status effects: Haste, Water Breathing, and Nightvision.

5 Best Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.19 Survival
5 Best Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.19 Survival

Conduits may be made with one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells.

3) Ender Dragon Egg

In a survival or tough mode, just one dragon egg generates spontaneously in each Minecraft world. When the Ender dragon is defeated, it spawns on top of the exit portal in the End realm.

In the game, there is a dragon egg.
Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft 1.19

The dragon egg is difficult to obtain since it cannot be mined with a tool. The egg will teleport if players attempt to mine it.

2) The Golden Apple

Golden apples are uncommon goods that give two status effects to players: Absorption I and Regeneration II. They may make them using eight gold ingots and one ordinary apple.

5 Best Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.19 Survival
Golden Apple in Minecraft

Four health points can be restored by a single golden apple (two drumsticks in the game). Even though golden apples may be crafted, obtaining them in loot chests might be difficult.

1) Enchanted Golden Apple

These are uncraftable golden apple variations with enhanced effects. Gamers must use caution when holding an enchanted golden apple near piglins since the latter can pick it up and retain it in their inventory if they drop it.

5 Best Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.19 Survival
Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft 1.19

Users will gain four status effects after consuming it: Absorption IV, Regeneration II, Fire Resistance, and Resistance. It may be found in the chests of the following structures: dungeons, mineshafts, desert temples, ruined portals, bastions, and forest mansions.

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