Top 5 Minecraft Data Packs For Java Edition Vanilla Minecraft

Top 5 Minecraft Data Packs For Java Edition Vanilla Minecraft

 Minecraft Data Packs. Incorporates new game modes, generatores for planets and manors, and considerably more!

1- Bed Sleep Menu System (One Player Triggered) 

Rework of TOLoneWolf's Sleep Menu System for Hypermine SMP, refreshed for 1.13 linguistic structure changes and folded into an information pack.

2- Horde Muffler 

Setting a note block with fleece (any tone) above it will quiet any non-player crowd above it, with space for a story or assortment framework. Not any more loud animals or crowd ranches. When they leave or the fleece/noteblock is broken they can make commotion once more.

Download Minecraft Horde Mob Muffler Data Pack 1.13 1.15.2

3- Hostile to Ender-Grief 

Keeps Endermen from getting squares and making the spot look chaotic.

Download Minecraft Hostile to Ender Grief Data Pack  1.13 1.15.2

4- Headstones /Gravestones

At the point when you pass on, a grave is made that gathers your things and keeps them from despawning. 

Graves have a marginally unique appearance relying upon what measurement you're in. To gather your things just squat over your grave. 

New in v2.0! 

  • Graves currently have the top of the player, no more skelly skulls! 
  • Falling into the void, in the End, makes a grave at y10, instead of none by any means.

Download Minecraft Gravestones Data Pack 1.14.4 1.15.2

5- Chicken Shedding 

Need quills without all the creature murders? 

Chickens have a 10% possibility of shedding a quill instead of laying an egg.

Download Minecraft Chicken Shedding Data Pack 1.13 1.15.2

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