Immersive Vehicles Mod 1.12.2 (Formerly Transport Simulator)

Immersive Vehicles Mod 1.12.2 (Formerly Transport Simulator)

 By default, the Minecraft Immersive Vehicles Mod for 1.12.2 does not include any vehicles! If you see a warning about missing packs, please download one of the excellent packs listed in the Vehicle Packs section below! People who complain about "the look on mah face" shall be disregarded!

Immersive Vehicles Mod 1.12.2 (Formerly Transport Simulator)
Immersive Vehicles Mod 1.12.2 (Formerly Transport Simulator)

Also, if you're here to inquire about upgrading to a higher MC, please go. Because to the rendering system redesign conducted by Mojang, the update procedure is substantially more difficult than previous versions. Don't worry, IV WILL update... someday. If you have time to give, it would be extremely welcomed to have an extra hand to assist with the myriad of small improvements that content producers continue to need!

Features & Images

  • Realistic Physics: Physics that is truly real. Planes take off like real planes, running out of fuel does not cause you to fall like a rock, and ground physics is more than just a vehicle sliding on ice. Speed, pitch, angle of attack, weight, engine life, propeller pitch, and other factors all have a role in plane flying. Vehicles are impacted by factors like speed, slippery surfaces, blown tires, and even how many wheels are in contact with the ground.
  • Support for Joysticks and Mice: Want to use that dusty old flight stick in Minecraft? You may do so now! Want to play IV as Gran Turismo with a steering wheel? This is also an option. IV allows you to entirely control any vehicle using any device that is recognized as a joystick. If you think playing Minecraft using a controller is a sin, but you still want a faster reaction than keyboard controls, try out the built-in mouse yoke system. It's not flawless, but it provides a flight feel that you'll recognize if you've used Flans or MCHeli.
  • Nobody wants to have to leave Minecraft to find things up on the internet. On that topic, IV comes with a handbook that explains how everything works in the mod. The handbook is the authoritative reference for IV, covering everything from how to build your first vehicle to engine upkeep and why your engine is spewing out black smoke. Please read it because you might learn something.
  • Fully Customizable: Perhaps you want a jet to transport you and a friend from your main base to a new one. Perhaps you'd want to fly ore shipments to avoid the creepers that blow up you're fine everything. IV understands, and it comes with the option of equipping your vehicle with seats or chests, allowing for a wide range of creative combinations. Just don't put a chest in the pilot's seat. That doesn't work all that well...
  • Pack-based: Rather than having everything built-in and requiring you to wait for updates to access new cars, IV allows you to increase your vehicle choices by purchasing content packs. The official content pack is recommended, however alternative packs or even your own inventions are welcome! If you're used to Flan's pack system, you'll be perfectly at home with IVs.
  • Working Gauges: IV is delighted to provide the most gauge options available on the modified car market. You'll wonder why you ever needed the debug screen to navigate, with altimeters displaying height and heading indications displaying direction. There are also indicators that show the temperature and oil pressure of the engine, as well as the current-voltage of the electrical system. You'll never have to wonder if that arrow shot at you did any harm!
  • True Lighting: IV vehicles are outfitted with actual lighting to improve efficiency and make things seem awesome. There will be no longer reliance on dynamic lighting with their frequent chunk updates and TPS-sapping. True OpenGL blending is used by IV planes to generate realistic lighting effects that genuinely illuminate the environment around you. (Disclaimer: IV is not liable if mobs ignore lights and cause you material or personal harm. Please check with your local armory to determine if True Lighting is a good fit for you.)
  • Inter-Mod Support: Rather than creating another fuel for cars or requiring you to download a mod as a fuel dependency, IV has decided to allow you to determine what constitutes a fuel. Lava is the default fuel for engines, however, IV adds the ability to utilize any liquid from any mod as a legal fuel. You may also utilize pipes to fill up the gasoline pump in the mod, giving you an endless supply of fuel to power your cars.
  • Configuration: Almost everything in MTS may be customized. From the crafting materials necessary to build a vehicle to the depiction of the glass on the inside of an automobile. In addition, Forge OreDict is fully supported, ensuring optimal compatibility with other modules.

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