Dynamic Trees Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 (Better Realistic Trees, Loot, Hervesting)

Dynamic Trees Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 (Better Realistic Trees, Loot, Hervesting)

 The Minecraft Dynamic Trees Mod for 1.16.5, 1.15.2, and 1.12.2 adds dynamic trees that develop from seed to maturity. The purpose of this patch is to provide more dynamic, beautiful, enjoyable, and natural-looking trees while adhering to Minecraft's graphic stylization and imposing a tight project scope that keeps things simple. This mod is compatible with Multiplayer.

Dynamic Trees Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 (Better Realistic Trees, Loot, Hervesting)
Dynamic Trees Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 (Better Realistic Trees, Loot, Hervesting)

A developing tree is a multi-block building made up of rooty soil, branches, and leaves that improves on vanilla Minecraft tree constructions. A seed is the first step in the creation of a tree. This seed is planted by hand, much like a Vanilla sapling, or it has a possibility of self-seeding if left on the ground in a proper spot. 

The tree then grows from a sapling to a full-sized tree, gradually growing in size over time. The tree may then be cut down at the root, and all of the timber can be grabbed at once.

Features of Trees

  • Grow from seedlings to adult trees gradually over time.
  • Develop in natural ways that are roughly patterned by real-world trees and have a tendency to grow indistinct, convincing ways.
  • Grow naturally around impediments.
  • Are not just reskins, but grow using distinct algorithms depending on the species.
  • Have biome, temperature, and rainfall-dependent growth rates and mature sizes.
  • Drop seeds at random that have the ability to self-seed.
  • Will not grow in the dark. Leaves that are not attached to an exterior tree limb or are not exposed to light will perish. Outer branches with no leaves die away over time.
  • Will wilt and decay in a desolate location (some species produce mushrooms when they rot).
  • Walking on blocks made of leaves is sluggish and sinking. Falling on leaves lessens fall harm while also destroying the leaves.
  • Vanilla Tree Fruits (apples, cocoa beans) have thin branches that may be climbed like ladders.

Features of Rooty Soil

  • It provides nutrients to plants but can get depleted over time.
  • When combined with bone meal, it improves soil fertility and permits the tree to thrive past its mature stage.
  • Combined with various prepared potions for diverse effects (see next section)
  • When an active material is put into the soil or the bottom-most trunk block of a tree, special effect particles are formed on the entire tree.
  • A comparator can be used to determine the amount of soil fertility.

Features of Potions

  • Biochar Base: Brewing base tree potion.
  • Potion of Depletion: Depletes the soil completely, causing the tree to stop growing.
  • Potion of Burgeoning: Fertilizes the tree completely, causing it to grow quickly until it runs out of fertility.
  • Transformation Potion: Transforms an existing Dynamic tree into a different tree species.
  • Gigas Potion: Transforms a tree into its Mega version (if available). It is designed to function with Spruce and Jungle trees by default.

Features of Seeds

  • Put vanilla saplings in their position.
  • Are dropped at random from trees (configurable)
  • Can self-seed if planted in a forest on a dirt/grass/podzol block with a clear view of the sky above (configurable)

Features of Compatibility

  • Vanilla trees are fully functional.
  • Vanilla trees can still sprout if Worldgen is deactivated.
  • Vanilla leaves, twigs, and logs make up all of the drops from growing trees. Survival does not allow for the acquisition of branches. Vanilla leaves are only obtained via shears.
  • Because vanilla textures are utilized for the wood and foliage, it is resource pack friendly.
  • Using a soil bucket, seeds may be made from vanilla saplings and vice versa.
  • Vanilla tree fires spread and burn at the same rate.

Features of Forests

  • The forest line grows as trees drop seeds.
  • When trees are planted close together, they fight for sunlight and grow taller and skinnier than trees in the open. This creates the illusion of a forest canopy.
  • Canopies shut out the sun, resulting in gloomy woods where mobs can spawn throughout the day and saplings fail to develop.
  • Under the gloomy forest canopies of some tree species, podzol develops from soil or grass. Podzol is designed to look like forest leaf litter.

Features of Harvesting

  • Cutting the tree at its root will result in the death of the entire tree.
  • Thicker branches require more time to harvest.
  • Whole branches can be removed from the tree without causing any damage to the tree's main body.
  • Vanilla logs and sticks are harvested, the number of which is calculated as the total amount of wood in the tree or branch.
  • Fortune enchantments on axes are effective in increasing log production.
  • The amount of logs gathered harms tools (configurable)
  • When leaves are destroyed, they regenerate if the outer branches are not injured.
  • When trees are harvested, they tumble over (configurable)

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