How to Defeat Wither in Minecraft 1.18.2 (The Best 3 Method)

How to Defeat Wither in Minecraft 1.18.2 (The Best 3 Method)

 The different mobs in Minecraft are one of the most essential aspects of the game. Mobs are a diverse group of creatures in the game. While most may be encountered by the player on their adventure, some are more elusive and must be summoned rather than discovered. The Wither is one of these mobs.

How to Defeat Wither in Minecraft 1.18.1
How to Defeat Wither in Minecraft 1.18.1

The wither is one of only two boss creatures that can be discovered in vanilla Minecraft. While the Ender Dragon is tied to the game's singleplayer "questline" or "campaign," the Wither is distinct in that it must be built and summoned. This monster may be defeated using the "default" technique of hitting it with a bow and dodging its strikes.

Other techniques, however, have been developed by the game's community and are regarded as more efficient. This article will show users how to use some of those strategies to kill the wither boss mob in Minecraft 1.18.2.

3 Best Strategies for Defeating The Wither In Minecraft

3- Eventlesstew’s Method

Eventlesstew, a Minecraft player, came up with this concept. It will necessitate the following resources:

  • A suit of Netherite armor with Protection 4 enchantment
  • A pile of golden apples
  • A sword with the "Smite" enchantment.

In this strategy, the player must begin by attempting to avoid being damaged by the wither's explosion. The player must now wait for the mob to begin pursuing him. Once this is completed, all they have to do is sit in one spot and continue to eat golden apples.

The Netherite armor, along with the golden apples, will aid the player in resisting the attacks of the wither. Furthermore, the mob will be damaged by its own assaults. Players may use their "Smite" sword to deliver even more damage and kill the wither in under 2 minutes.

2- j4kefradz's YouTube Tutorial

Materials required:

  • 5 Obsidian shards
  • 4 soul sand cubes
  • 3 wither heads

For this strategy to function, the player must slay the Ender Dragon. The first stage is for them to approach the exit portal and look west. The player must next excavate a 5x5 space beneath the escape portal at a height of 3 blocks.

Then, as taught in the tutorial, arrange the obsidian, soul sand, and wither skulls. Following that, players can spawn the wither and kill it when it becomes imprisoned within the bedrock (which it cannot break).

1- The approach of Noob Plays Games

Noob Plays Games, a Minecraft player, came up with this concept. It will necessitate the following resources:

  • 64 iron blocks
  • 16 pumpkins
  • 1 pickaxe

The player will need to investigate and scout out a cave with a dead end in order to apply this strategy. Iron bricks are required to generate a swarm of iron golems in that dead end.

The next phase is to spawn the wither among the iron golems while avoiding the initial explosion. While the player moves to a safe distance, the golems will kill it in 15 seconds.

The Wither is a deadly foe with the highest health of any mob in Minecraft. It is recommended that players be completely armored in enchanted diamond armor, if not netherite armor.

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