Lithium Mod 1.18.2, 1.17.1 (Improves Server Performance Significantly)

Lithium Mod 1.18.2, 1.17.1 (Improves Server Performance Significantly)

 Minecraft Lithium Mod for 1.18.2, 1.18.1, 1.17.1 and 1.16.5 is a general-purpose optimization mod for Minecraft that aims to enhance a variety of systems (game physics, mob AI, block ticking, and so on) without affecting behavior. It works on both the client and the server and may be installed on servers without the need for clients to have the mod as well. With the mod loaded, server tick speeds improve by 45 percent on average, resulting in a considerably lighter game.

 Even in single-player, your game has a "integrated server" that keeps track of the environment your character is in. By improving the game's server-side, you may free up your computer's processor to focus on other duties, resulting in faster frame rates and responsiveness. Administrators of multiplayer servers may expect significant improvements in tick times, allowing their hardware to accommodate more loaded entities, chunks, and players.

 Phosphor (another optimization mod) works nicely with Lithium and is entirely compatible if you aren't currently using it.

Lithium Mod 1.17.1 Improves Server Performance Significantly
Lithium Mod 1.17.1 Improves Server Performance Significantly


  • Physics enhancements: Entity collision detection has received substantial improvements as the collision resolution complexity for basic, cuboid blocks has been reduced. A more precise method is also utilized to minimize the amount of blocks examined per tick, which is especially important when entities are moving fast.
  • Mob AI optimizations: For some jobs, we employ an event-based method to decrease the CPU use caused by continually probing the environment for updates. Mob "brains" have also been tuned to choose between different AI jobs considerably faster than previously. Here's a before-and-after comparison.
  • World generation optimizations: Many calculations in vanilla's world generation are superfluous and have little effect on the final output, leaving plenty of room for Lithium to reduce this overhead.
  • Optimizations for chunk loading: The temporary data structures used in block palette compaction have been improved to be significantly more efficient. This results in less TPS dips when players explore terrain and a little improvement in world load times. In order to avoid needless disk I/O, we additionally batch some verification activities.
  • Mob farm optimizations: Because resolving collisions between entities has been improved to take use of the fact that basic boxes are involved, mob cramming is considerably less costly. This significantly reduces the impact of mob farms on server tick rates.
  • Optimizations for block ticking: has less overhead, making things like block update settling after creating chunks and other Redstone contraptions quicker. This also decreases the time it takes for a block to detect whether it is ticking by schedule from O(n), where n is the number of ticking blocks, to O(1), which provides a substantial speedup when many blocks are ticked.
  • TNT and explosion optimizations: Many improvements have been done to TNT and explosives alike, decreasing their related latency without altering their behavior. Ray-tracing, in particular, is designed to take use of the fact that repeated steps through a path will occur in the same block location, allowing us to easily reuse the findings of earlier steps. We also employ a quicker position tracking method, which prevents numerous unnecessary allocations.
  • Point of Interest optimizations: Complex mob AIs in Minecraft, primarily those belonging to Villagers and Pillagers, often need to find relevant points of interest in the world in order to choose the most appropriate AI task. In vanilla, querying all points within a chunk requires 16 separate retrievals through stream-heavy code. With Lithium present, this task is reduced to a single simple retrieval that makes use of a much faster (and traditional) iterator based approach, yielding anywhere from a 16-22x improvement for queries.
  • Optimizations to the data tracker: The internal data manager used to monitor various entity status and properties has been improved to use flat arrays and prevent costly locking, delivering a substantial increase anytime these characteristics are accessed during a game tick.
  •  ... As well as other internal enhancements to assist the JVM in optimizing code.

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.18.2 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.18.1 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.17.1 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.17 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.16.5 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.16.3 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.16.2 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.16.1 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.15.2 (Fabric)

Download Lithium Mod For Minecraft  1.15.2 (Forge)

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