Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod [1.16.5, 1.15.2]

Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod [1.16.5, 1.15.2]

 No Tree Punching Mod for 1.16.5, 1.15.2 is a Minecraft mod that adds realism to your initial few minutes of Minecraft play. It also adds the difficulty of breaking a block with the incorrect tool, which takes considerably longer to mine and does not drop anything. To aid with this requirement, two new tools, Knives and Mattocks, have been created. Many elements have been strongly influenced by the original TerraFirmaCraft. 

Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod 1.16.5
Minecraft No Tree Punching Mod 1.16.5 


  • Blocks must be broken with the correct tool to get a drop.
  • Blocks will take longer when not broken with the correct tool.
  • Metal pickaxes will drop items from dirt-type materials.
  • Adds Crude Pickaxe, Shovel, and Axe.
  • Adds Saws, and Mattocks.
  • Firestarter and Firepit.
  • Cobblestone for all the stone variants, including those from Quark and Rustic.
  • Stones will appear based on the underground material (ideally used with Quark revamped stone gen or similar).

Getting Started:

  • There are a few chores you must accomplish while establishing a new planet. Find and punch some gravel to acquire flint near a river or lake, pick up some pebbles on the ground, split leaves to get sticks, and look for the exposed stone. This is all you'll require to get started.
  • Begin by right-clicking your flint against a piece of stone. It may eventually break into flint shards, which you may use to make a flint knife. Knives can be used for two purposes: They may cut plant material to obtain more droplets (Leaves drop more sticks, and long grass can drop plant fibers). They can also be used to reduce the size of things. Hold a knife in one hand and the thing to be cut in the other, and then right-click.
  • The first thing you'll want to do is chop some rocks to produce additional flint shards. You can now construct a primitive ax out of sticks, flint, and plant fibers. You can now collect some logs. In the crafting grid, you must use your ax to chop logs into planks or more sticks.
  • With a crafting table, you may create a rudimentary shovel and pickaxe and get ready to begin mining. It is important to note that stone will break into smaller stone fragments that must be pieced back together to form cobblestone. A pleasant campfire may also be constructed by tossing three sticks, plant string, and a log and clicking and holding with a fire starter. These may be used to cook meals as well as produce simple torches.
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