Minecraft Alpha Modpack [Fabric] 1.17.1

Minecraft Alpha Modpack [Fabric] 1.17.1

 We are proud to present our Minecraft Alpha Mod Pack for Fabric version 1.17.1 to you, dear Minecraft and minecraftalpha.com lovers!

As you know, fabric mod loader has just come out and it has started to spread very quickly compared to forge mod loader and mods for fabric have started to be made, as minecraftalpha.com we wanted to do some research and realized that almost no mod packs were made for fabric 1.17.1.

Minecraft Alpha Modpack [Fabric] 1.17.1
Minecraft Alpha Fabric Modpack For 1.17.1

As a result of this research, we made a mod pack ourselves, although not as much as the Better Minecraft Mod pack, and while collecting this mod pack, we asked ourselves questions such as how we can help the players more while playing survival or hardcore mod, what kind of realistic mods we can collect, and finally 26 main mods. We have collected this mod pack, which consists of 30 mods, including 4 lib mods, and will not tire low-end computers. We are proud and happy to share the mod pack today.

Minecraft Alpha Mod Pack 1.17.1 Features

  • 3D Skin Layers Mod
  • Smooth Swapping Mod
  • Blur Mod
  • Paintings Mod
  • Roughly Enough Items Mod (JEI)
  • CHAS (Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle) Mod
  • Wavey Capes (Realistic Capes) Mod
  • Dynamite Mod (Better Explosives) Mod
  • Advancement Plaques Mod
  • Falling Leaves Mod
  • Carrier Mod
  • Advanced Compass Mod (Like Minimap Mod)
  • Physics Mod
  • Inmis Mod (Backpacks)
  • Earth2Java Mod (More Animals And İtems)
  • Adorn Mod (Furniture Mod)
  • AdventureZ (Nether Mobs) Mod
  • Alaska Native Craft (Animals and items for snow biomes)
  • Snow Pig Mod
  • Falling Tree Mod
  • Bed Spreads Mod
  • Animal Feeding Through Mod
  • AdventureZ (Rideable Pet Dragon) Mod

Updates 27.09.2021
  • Charmonium Mod (Ambient Sounds)
  • Dungeons Arise (Castles, Buildings, and Bosses)
  • Enchantment Descriptions Mod
  • Terralith Mod (Overworld Evolved)
  • Uncrafting Table Mod
  • Cool Elytra Roll Mod (Realistic Camera Angle for Elytra)
  • GoProne Mod (Crawling on the Ground)
  • Launch Pads Mod
Download Minecraft Alpha Mod Pack 1.17.1 (Fabric)

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