Top 5 Minecraft Servers Like Hypixel

Top 5 Minecraft Servers Like Hypixel

 5 Best Minecraft Servers That Fans of Hypixel Will Enjoy

Hypixel changed as soon as firmly crowned the biggest server throughout all of Minecraft multiplayer, with tens of hundreds of concurrent players.

Despite having lost the name of the most popular server to Hypixel these days, Hypixel remains one of every of the biggest Minecraft servers thanks to a devoted middle fanbase.

Top 5 Minecraft Servers Like Hypixel

Having won lots of its popularity due to constant innovation of the latest and fun sport modes, Hypixel will never be replaceable within the eyes of many lovers.

This article will awareness on servers that provide further amusing mini-sport-oriented gameplay.

5- Mineplex - Server IP: us.mineplex.com

Top 5 Minecraft Servers Like Hypixel
Top 5 Minecraft Servers Like Hypixel

Last however no longer least is Mineplex, a vastly popular server that truly needs no creation to most of the people of Minecrafters.

Hypixel is now and again taken into consideration the "enemy" of Mineplex, as both have battled inside the beyond for the spot of maximum popular Minecraft server. However, in the eyes of many, Hypixel has now won the race and is too far in advance for Mineplex to ever trap up.

Blasting past one hundred,000 players during height hours, the servers' unprecedented fulfillment can't be taken into consideration a fluke. Mineplex has steadily grown to its giant length through the years, with steady innovation and enhancements during over forty precise minigames.

4- CubeCraft Games - Server IP: play.cubecraft.net

Up subsequent is CubeCraft, a miles adored server that is been around for almost 10 years. In phrases of content, fans of Mineplex will find themselves at home right here thanks to the first-rate Cubecraft's precise minigame choice. Some fan favorites of such include EggWars, Lucky Blocks, BlockWars, MinerWare, and Survival Games.

Despite shifting recognition to their bedrock operations as of past due, CubeCraft nevertheless gives a first-rate revel in for each Java Edition and Bedrock Edition player. What this also the method is that pals can play pass-platform Minecraft with each different very without problems through the server.

  • Average Playercount: three,000+
  • Minecraft Version: Latest (Bedrock & Java Edition)

3- HiveMC - Server  IP: play.hivemc.com

With a legacy of over 13 million gamers having related at some stage in the years, many long-term Minecrafters will immediately understand the call HiveMC.

Despite having these days close-down their Java operations, HiveMC continues to be massively famous at the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, with hundreds of gamers at the top hours of the day.

Gameplay sensible, HiveMC proudly functions several splendid and nicely-made minigame fashion game modes for players, inclusive of the likes of Murder Mystery, BedWars, BlockParty, Survival Games, Death Run, Hide and Seek, and extra.

  • Average Playercount: 15,000+
  • Minecraft Version: Latest (Bedrock Edition Only)

2- Blocks MC - Server IP: blocksmc.com

For gamers accessible looking for a cracked server opportunity to Mineplex, Blocks MC is probably the perfect answer.

Featuring famous game modes consisting of BedWars, Egg Wars, Murder Mystery, UHC, Skyblock, The Bridge, and SkyBlock, Blocks MC has ended up very popular inside the cracked Minecraft community.

For those unaware, cracked Minecraft is an illegitimate and often loose version of Minecraft downloaded on the net. Cracked Minecraft users cannot be a part of regular Minecraft servers and alternatively ought to be a part of special "cracked servers".

  • Average Playercount: 1,000+
  • Minecraft Version: Latest (Java Edition - Cracked)

1- Purple Prison - Server IP: PURPLEPRISON.ORG

Top 5 Minecraft Servers Like Hypixel

Purple Prison remains the most important jail server for Minecraft, boasting lots of players online at height times of the day as a testimony to its exceptional.

Gameplay-wise, the server will appeal to those trying to play maps that ultimate a couple years, with a long-term approach to gameplay. This could make for a laugh transfer up from the minigame-oriented technique taken by Mineplex and different popular hub servers.

  • Average Playercount: 1200+
  • Minecraft Version: 1.7- Latest (Java Edition only)

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