How to Make Minecraft Bed? (Crafting Recipe)

How to Make Minecraft Bed? (Crafting Recipe)

 Minecraft bed building is a topic that those who want to get quality sleep in the game universe and rest their character are curious about. In the Minecraft universe, which you can design from scratch, you need a bed like in real life to sleep.

You might be thinking, "Why don't you need a bed and you can sleep on the floor?" The bed is not just an item that will add a new look to your home. It has a beautiful feature that works in the game. In this article, we will explain in full detail how to make a Minecraft bed.

How to Make Minecraft Bed? (Crafting Recipe)
How to Make Minecraft Bed?

How to Make Minecraft Bed?

You don't live alone in the Minecraft universe. There are animals that you can hunt or feed, as well as beings that want to harm you. Especially when the day reaches night, skeletons appear and try to catch you in your sleep.

You can make yourself a shed or a house for protection at night. Even if you surround your house thoroughly and put the door in, the skeletons will not leave your door until morning. If you want the night to end as soon as possible, you can make yourself a bed and sleep on it.

Before you start the Minecraft bed-making process, you need to provide the necessary materials. The necessary materials for the bed are as follows:

  • 3 wool
  • 3 wood

Wood is quite easy to find. You can cut down a tree you see around and use it. If you don't have the materials to cut down trees, you'll have to wander the grounds looking for wooden blocks that have been leftover from someone. The search will take a lot of time, so even if you don't have cutting material, you can get wood by punching the tree.

Wool, of course, can be obtained from sheep. You can get their wool with the help of scissors by catching the sheep you will see around you in one place. Or you can kill them and own both meat and wool.

How to Make Minecraft Bed? (Crafting Recipe)
How to Make Minecraft Bed? (Crafting Recipe)

The simplest part after supplying the materials in the making of beds. If you have a work table, you can start doing it immediately. Minecraft bed construction is as follows:

  • Open the desk.
  • Leave one block of wood on the desk. Thus, 4 wood will be produced. Take 4 wood into your inventory.
  • Place 3 wooden blocks on the bottom row of the empty desk.
  • Place 3 blocks of wool from start to finish on the second row of the table.
  • So in the box on the right, your bed will appear ready. Place it in your inventory to use.

As you can see, the bed is very easy to make. Now you can take the bed out of the inventory and start sleeping wherever you want.

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