Minecraft 1.18 Update Latest Status ! 1.18 Bad PC Gamers Delight!

Minecraft 1.18 Update Latest Status ! 1.18 Bad PC Gamers Delight!

Minecraft 1.17 Update Latest Status
1.17 Bad PC Gamers Delight!

Minecraft 1.18 Latest Update?

Hello Friends, I am here with a new article after a long time. In this article, I will tell you about the latest state of Minecraft 1.18.

Minecraft 1.17 Bad PC Gamers Delight
Minecraft 1.17 Bad PC Gamers Delight

Let's get back to our topic now. What will 1.18 give us, what will come, what will not come?

Friends, first of all, the update that I and most of us are waiting for, the cave update will not come.

It's not completely pulled back, just a little bit forward because the update was too heavy and they couldn't adjust the world optimization.

With the cave update, candles, bundle, sculk sensor, and warden are left for later updates :(

Well, what will happen in the first upcoming version, only Mountain Update will come as new, if you ask me, there will be bugs, etc. in the next few versions. It is fixed and comes in Cave Updates 1.18.2 or later.

Minecraft 1.17 Latest Update
Minecraft 1.17 News

Warden's arrival may take 2022, of course, this is my opinion, my opinion, there is no official statement on this matter!

Candles, Bundle, and Sculk Sensor have not been removed from the game, they just can't be accessed by normal means.

We will be able to get it with the /give command, just as if we were getting command_block.

What's new with the updates in the last snapshot?

Aggressive goats are a little more aggressive, and they headbutt and yell wildly at every sh*t they see.

They slaughter cows and other creatures in their area, and they are very difficult to contain because they jump very high.

Fools taunt even golems

Minecraft Mountain Goat
Minecraft Mountain Goat

There are two ways to feed and farm goats:

  1. Covered barn structures that will restrict the jumping of goats.
  2. The second way is to cover the ground with honey blocks in a fenced area only.

  • Which one to use is up to you, but I think the 2nd way is a bit costly, I prefer the 1st way.
  • With the last update, we can use name tags to give longer names.
  • Another update is that the mineral veins are now smaller and you can't find them as often as before.

As you know, with the newly added mining system, the mines come unprocessed and now we can distract Piglins with processed gold particles with the new update, but we do not get anything in return :(

Minecraft 1.17 Update Latest Status ! 1.17 Bad PC Gamers Delight!
Minecraft 1.17 Update Latest Status ! 1.17 Bad PC Gamers Delight!

Now let's come to the "1.18 Bad Computer Gamers Delight" part that everyone has seen in the title :D

Why do people with bad computers rejoice?

Friends, a situation that everyone is aware of, the java version of Minecraft was in a very bad state in terms of optimization, we hope that this situation will be resolved with the 1.17 update.

With Minecraft 1.18, it is now planning to switch to Java 16, so it will be a more optimized system and it will be in a much better condition than before, even if it is not as good as bedrock optimization.

But according to the information I have obtained, only original Minecraft users will be able to use it.

Despite having an original account, those using different launchers and clients will not be able to benefit from this update.

Terms of Using this update;

  1.  You must have an original Minecraft account.
  2.  You must use original Minecraft Launcher.
  3.  You must use the original Client.

Java 16

I am not sure if the original client usage situation will affect Optifine because we are installing Optifine as a different client.

The same issue is valid in Forge, I hope we can use Java 16 in them.

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