How to Make Minecraft Clock Day

How to Make Minecraft Clock Day

 Minecraft is one of the most curious processes of players who do not want to play the daytime game in night mode and want it to be always daytime. Since some creatures appear in night mode, they can damage the things you do in the game. Therefore, the players do not want it to be at night.

You can feel safe all the time by doing it during the day. You can easily turn the game into day mode. It stays on for as long as you want. Unless you change it, the night does not start, it continues during the day.

How to Make Minecraft Clock Day
How to Make Minecraft Clock Day

Minecraft Morning Making

Making Minecraft during the day is not as difficult as it seems. Anyone can easily play the game in the daytime by completing this process. There are two ways to make the server always day. In two ways, it fulfills your request without any problems.

The first way of making Minecraft daytime is as follows:

  • First, enter your world and type '/time set day'. Thus, the earth will switch to daylight.
  • Then type the code '/gamerule doDaylightCycle false'. This code serves to stop the day and night cycle. Since you also stop the cycle in the daytime, it is always daytime.

As you can see the first way is pretty short and easy. The second way is as simple as the first. The second way you can apply for daytime construction is as follows:

  • In the script, respectively;

“at 16:00: execute console command “/time set day world name”

So you can easily do it during the daytime. Now you can play the game in day mode as many times as you want. If you want to change it back to night mode, just do '/time set night' and then say '/gamerule doDaylightCycle false'.

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