New You'Re Late (For School) Parkour Map

New You'Re Late (For School) Parkour Map

 God help us! Yu slept late and now you're behind schedule for school! Utilize your parkour abilities right to your school! By utilizing asset packs and illusions(and with a touch of creative mind) to make the parkour deceives a lot of sensible as it can. without any mods and no orders. 


  • Form: 1.16.5 or higher. 
  • Trouble: Quite hard from the outset( You'll become acclimated to it). 
  • Once more. Brain twisting dreams. 
  • Somewhat reviled pictures. 
  • Incompletely open world(you can alter it in the event that you need). 
  • Two unique forms of asset pack (Guide mode and Get genuine). 
  • Instructional class. 


  • You are permitted to cheat, don't hesitate to wander around. 
  • In asset pack - Pick manage mode first when preparing (Helps you to comprehend). 

Note: I was motivated to make this guide from the video of "Behind schedule for school - parkour POV" (Real thing parkour). 

I'm additionally giving my plans to the mapmakers <3

Map Creator:  Ended

You'Re Late (For School)

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New You'Re Late (For School) Parkour Map

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