New Hats Mod For Minecraft [1.16.5, 1.12.2]

New Hats Mod For Minecraft [1.16.5, 1.12.2]

 Caps Mod for 1.16.5/1.12.2 is a mod in Minecraft which is real sense adds caps in the game. These caps incorporate ones that look amusing and cartoony. It likewise includes a few caps that look pretty cool. In outline, it adds several new "caps" that you can wear. It would be ideal if you note that these caps don't have protection esteem they are for restorative purposes. 

Caps Mod 1.12.2 additionally includes a colorization choice which implies that you can alter the shade of the cap that you need to wear. It likewise includes other adaptability alternatives and a wide scope of styles you can pick from.

On the off chance that you love this pack and need to have more, later on, you can show your adoration to Hats Mod 1.12.2. You can check his Youtube Channel to help him. You can check more PVP packs here. 

To ensure you get the most ideal game experience we unequivocally suggest utilizing PvP Texture Pack in blend with Optifine. For the best PvP experience, we suggest you use Minecraft adaptation 1.8 or 1.7. 

Before you proceed to introduce this Mod, do realize that it might modify the exhibition of vanilla Minecraft. Likewise, note on the renditions that a mod is viable with. Introducing Mods may influence the interactivity of Minecraft and may change the elements of how the game is played.

Download Minecraft Hats Mod For 1.12.2
Download Minecraft Hats Mod For 1.16.5

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